14 11 / 2011

We started out going into the World Cup with a rank of 81.  Lost our first two matches to Villanova(10) and Virginia Tech(33) due to the snitch grab. It wasn’t looking too great for us, but then we came back and played an amazing game against Michigan State(15) and came out with a W!  We started our second day off with our final pool play match against Stony Brook(46).  We knew that the winner of that match would get to go on to bracket play and the loser would be done.  We fought hard and won the match.  Then we faced off against the University of Miami(18) and played an excellent game resulting in yet another W. Next up was our Sweet 16 match against Kansas(2) who we have played and lost to before at the Midwest Cup.  We showed them that Minnesota Quidditch can play and keep up with the #2 ranked team in the IQA and beat them 70-40! I don’t think anyone saw that win coming but we played our hearts out and earned it!  Then the Cinderella story continued with a win against the number 3 team in the IQA, Louisiana State University!  We caused some huge upsets by knocking out 2 of the top 3 teams in the IQA.  Because of that we seemed to gather a lot of support from other teams that we befriended along the way and even ones that we have played before.  Sadly even with all that support and cheering from the stands we weren’t quite able to pull off our Final Four match against the University of Florida.  Losing by the snitch grab was the end to our Cinderella story.  

Thank you to all the teams who were there cheering us on.  We couldn’t have made it that far without the support! It was an amazing weekend with some great competition.  We learned so much and I am so proud of my team.  Minnesota Quidditch ended up placing 4th at World Cup V!